Global Datetime, no date or time variable option available

when creating a global hub time variable, the only option available is a datetime variable. is it possible to add a time & date option as well just like what was available when creating local variables? Changing over to global variables is now combining this. When adding variables to the dashboard its annoying to have options that are not needed especially when non tech people are accessing the dash and always have either a date or time displayed when it has nothing to do with the setting that is being set or changed.

the single datetime type can support datetime, date, or time.

The Strings are formatted differently is what happens


If using webCoRE it should do this properly as you access them or save them and put them to the individual types within webcore.

The real problem is displaying in the dash. It is giving an option that does not need to be. If the dash was able to only display/set one or the other then it would it would take away unnecessary confusion for people who dont understand.