Glitch in the matrix

Hi all,

Strange one folks;

I have a number of vendor offerings integrated into my C7 hub v2.2.8.155 and everything works well, except for one Philips Hue Light out of about 15 Hue lights - here is what happens;

Upon a perimeter door opening, detected by a series of ST multi-sensors, I have an app that turns on a number of Hue lights to red for a minute and then turns them off again plus a notification that speaks out %device% %value% so I get alerted via some lights going red and a few Google speakers telling me "door X open".

So far so good and it all works well ... except;

There is one Hue Light in a downstairs toilet not selected in the app that turns on and off with the others selected in the app and I cannot see why this is happening - I have tried the following;

  • Confirmed that the device was correctly named by manually turning the light on and off in the app
  • Ensured that the light was not part of any groups by explicitly selecting individual lights, not groups
  • Unselected all lights in the app except for one in the lounge ... and the toilet light still turns on when a door is opened
  • Deleted the offending light from devices ... and the bloody toilet light still turns on when a door is opened.

I'm lost here - any advice please?

So you deleted the device from HE altogether and it can no longer see the hue bulbl? Could there be something going on with your Hue hub? A routine or something built there? Or if you have the Alexa integration running is it possible there's something in an alexa routine?

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Sounds to me like you might be using a Hue Group as a device in your Hubitat Automation. That bulb must be contained in a Hue Group that Hubitat has access to, since there would be no way for Hubitat to control it once you removed it from the HE hub, right? :thinking:

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The light is linked to a Hue Sensor which works perfectly. Nothing else has a hook into that light besides Google via Hue which also works fine. The Hue light triggers in conjunction with the Hubitat app, even after deleting the light from the device list.

Exactly - it is definitely not part of a Hue group and even triggers when there is only one separate standalone light specified in the app, after the offending light is deleted.

Guess I'm just going to have to recreate the app, can't see any other way.

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This is a guess, but I wonder if this could be a database issue?

That would be pretty concerning and related to tokens not being revoked upon request as opposed to a DB issue, what if this was a camera?

I could be waaaay off track on that... I'm just trying to imagine scenarios where the device has been deleted from HE and yet HE still knows about the device. The only time I've experienced anything like you describe is where something outside HE was controlling the device as well. But if you've eliminated something within the Hue hub and anything on the Google side I'm kinda grasping at straws. I would be curious to see what others think.

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I agree with your assessment above.

@gordon.thelander - please share screen shots of the Automation in question, and of any devices that the Automation uses. This just doesn't make sense to us.

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I didn’t see in your original problem statement or subsequent posts whether there is a Hue hub / Hue integration involved, or whether these Hue bulbs were paired directly to Hubitat. Just scratching my head, because I’ve never seen this.


Unfortunately I can't send screenshots now - just deleted the Hue integration, then relinked it and then rebuilt the app. Works fine now, but I am still mystified about what could have caused it.

Appreciate all the helpful comments.


At least you got it fixed. Still very weird. Let us know if it comes back!

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Not a helpful comment but... long ago in my younger days, I bought my first brand new car. As well as other quirks, the interior dome light would only go off when I stepped on the clutch. Fortunately there was a switch that I could use to turn it off permanently until I could get it to the dealer for its free new car go-over. Now I knew, and the dealer knew, that there was no connection between the clutch and the dome light. But... there it was.


Yip - looks like a digital version of that anomaly :grinning: