GLITCH? 'Export/Import/Clone' briefly visible in Apps

Somewhat bizarrely, a new app called "Import/Export/Clone" appeared in my Apps list a moment ago, though I'd never seen it there before (here's a screenshot):

I clicked it -- for funzies, just to see what would happen -- and up came a dialogue asking me to either "Export <rule_name_here>", "Import pick a file ("No file chosen...")" or "Clone <rule_name_here>".

I clicked Export, saw a download dialogue, canceled that, and backed out... only to discover that "Import/Export/Clone" no longer appeared in Apps.

Is this expected / new / undocumented / desirable UI behavior?? Running latest f/w.

EDIT: On further testing, having initiated (but not completed) an Export/Import/Clone from one of my existing rules, it popped up again in Apps. Clicking it, then simply clicking DONE, caused it to disappear. Is it acting as a "Oops, here's your second chance at completing the Export/Import/Clone you started" reminder / placeholder?

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