Gledopto Zigbee RF bridge USB dongle


Have anyone seen and tried the product to be able to control RF lights?

I have one, but where to start… :thinking:


I have found the model number to be GL-H-001.
It is supported by many platforms, so I will test it out to see if I can figure it out and report back.
Seems so far that it should be possible to connect it to the hub with Zigbee. I let you know.

Found this video on YouTube for it, so it is looking promising.


Is there an API for it? This seems right up @kkossev 's alley..

I use a Philips Hue bridge and CoCoHue community app for (almost) all of my Zigbee bulbs and LED strips. Absolutely zero issues, it just works.

I have my gledopto lights connected right to hubitat

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