GLEDOPTO ZigBee 10W RGB+CCT Flood Light Review

I just received a 10W RGB+CCT flood light that is controlled via ZigBee that I purchased. It is made by GLEDOPTO and I did not know if anyone might be interested so I decided to post about it.

What: 10W RGB+CCT Flood Light
Manufacturer: GLEDOPTO
Model: GL-FL-004TZ
Interface: ZigBee (Light Link)
Power: Wired AC (comes with bare leads, you need to hardwire or put an plug on it)
Price: $31.99 at time of sale from Amazon
Fairly typical 10W LED flood light. Pretty small, thin, black metal with an adjustable metal bracket at the back and 100-240V AC leads from the bottom. Build seems sturdy and fairly uncomplicated. Has metal clips that hold the glass in place and would need to be removed to access the inside. Unlike many I have seen the reflector (what little there is) is actually mounted to the LED board and not just wedged in like normal.
Paired almost immediately with the Hubitat as a Generic ZigBee CT Bulb (dev). Changing it over to a Generic ZigBee RGBW Bulb cause no issues. This light has 4 large RGB LEDs in the center that provide color flanked on either side by an additional 10 white LEDs (per side) that provide the white in different temperatures. Responded readily to color change commands by shifting color over to it (not a jump from one color to another but a transition) which was interesting. Colors mostly seem close to what is selected in the command. White temperature also looked decent (in that it changed). This is also pretty bright so do not look directly at it. Dimming it down was pretty speedy and useful in this case.
Other Models:
According to the spec sheet that came with it there are 4 models of this type of flood light, 10W, 30W, 60W, and 100W. Amazon currently has 10W-60W listed that I found. The spec sheet also listed a 9W garden spot and 12W light but I could only find the 9W on Amazon.
Overall I would have to say I am fairly impressed with this right off the bat. There were no complications and it worked just fine. A custom driver might be nice in order to more specifically set things easier than the generic one but the generic driver works just fine. I think this will work out quite well for outdoor decoration projects. I will not even count the lack of a power cord against it because this could easily be mounted in place and more permanently wired. Combined with an outdoor motion detector you would have good white light for when you need it and color lighting for decorative purposes.


Thanks for taking the time to post your review. I have a question for you. Is there any lifespan listed in the paperwork? I saw that light listed on AliExpress and in a couple of listings they had the lifespan as 5000 hrs. Hoping that is a typo.

The spec has the (fairly generic) 50,000hrs of many LED devices. It also lists a 3yr warranty.

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Good to know. Thank you!

I would be worried if it was 5,000hrs also although that would still be about 5hrs a day for 3 years. I just need to wait for night to see how bright the 10w looks as a flood light or if my house would need the brighter versions.

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I have one of these in the garden, love how small they are. Mines connected to Hue and works really well. I now need a higher wattage one to use as a proper floodlight.

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So not quite bright enough? Bummer... But maybe it will work for my area. In any case they do have higher power ones.

How do you have yours hooked up? Hard-wired or did you add a plug to it?


This one, I stuck a plug on. The other I will be getting will be hardwired.
I think they're powerful enough in a small area, or adding more. But this wouldnt light up my garden enough for me, so I put it in the gazebo. But great lights I think, wasn't disapointed at all :slight_smile:


Did you try the Generic RGBW driver instead? That way you could do color and CT without swapping drivers.

Now that Halloween is here I am actively using mine outside to spotlight a large spider I made. It has done a good job so far and we are not using it as bright as it can be. Responds to all the commands so far and has worked well (better than the Sylvania Gardenspots I am also using in places).

Just using the Generic ZigBee RGBW Light driver.

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Hiya old post but I just got one of these lights. I'm having issues with the white LEDs when using generic zigbee RGBY and advanced RGBW drivers. Also not getting fun with the CT drivers
Is there some step I'm missing?

Hi. I think I have the 10w version. The device comes up as this

The good news is I have managed to sort it out. I'm not sure if it was through a random set of jabbing buttons or it's this sequence. I had to get the driver to advanced CT and then hit configure. Went back to advanced RGBW and it started working on both colour and white LEDs.

The good news is I was also able to pair the remote to the light. It does not pair to hubitat, but you can't win them all.

Nevermind... I realized I was being dumb about the thing I wrote up myself. Yes, it was RGB+CCT... Ugh... Too busy of a weekend. Sorry about that.