Gledopto led strip controller, remote, switch

Sorry, I should have been more specific. The controller I have is purely CCT and not RGB. It works the same though, this is is just meant for single color or CCT strips.

I have to chime in and say I've had bad luck with both these and the other style on amazon. I'm actually spending part of the afternoon to install my light strips in the aluminum channels like you posted, and soldering the connections.

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Definitely a better option IMHO. Those connectors are just a PITA. I posted more to warn against them than to recommend them. The only point they do come in handy is if you're testing a configuration out and are not 100 sure about it. Because if you're using the channels for your perm installation, you can always solder two cut pieces back together again.


Really helpful feedback guys. Thank you so much! I will do more reading and eventually post my experiences back here to try to help others too.

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