Gledopto LED controller (ZLL)

I have a few Gledopto LED controllers for my light strips and was connecting to them via a Hue Hub. Today my Hue Hub died and I can't control my lights. Is there a way to control Gledopto directly from HE?

If the hub is dead... no

ok, Thanks

Based on another thread I found out how to set the Gledoptos in discovery mode. I was able to add the device to HE, but this is the 2ID model which is white and color, each a different device. HE only is able to add the color device from what I can tell. Too bad, so close to not needing a Hue Hub!

I found another thread (from today, sorry) that discusses the same. For anyone else looking for info on this please see this thread - Giderwel / Gledopto RGBCCT 2-ID Controller

I don't see why it wouldn't pair with HE.
Last time I put my Gledopto into pairing mode I had to toggle power to it four times then try to add it to whatever Zigbee hub I was trying.

Hubitat can get a little slow when sending color commands too fast, so don't expect to have nice animations like you would with a Hue hub.
If you want that you need a new Hue Hub...