GLEDOPTO GL-Cl-008 RGBW/CCT Controller

Hey all,

I've recently purchased one of these devices along with a strip of 5050 RGBW LEDs however it only seems to be available as a controller for the White LED's, not the RGB ones. I've searched through the forums and I can find multiple references to these being "seen" as two separate devices, but I can't see how to configure them as such.

Is anyone able to help me get the RGB LEDs working?

HE doesn't support the 2 ID controllers as far as I know. There are a few posts of people saying they've got them working but they've never provided the details and I've not managed to get mine working. They do work fine on a Hue hub.

The one from your link seems to be a new version (Black color and 12V-54V) and it doesn't say 1ID or 2ID.

The old version is white color and 12/24V, either 1ID or 2ID.
For the 2ID version, you can't see 2 child devices if paired directly to HE as far as I know and neither in SmartThings.
(There was a driver which I tried but didn't work, and the author has left HE community because some argument with developers I've read)

The only way I know can do it is pairing it to Hue hub, it will appear as 1 device with 2 child devices. And link that Hue Hub to HE using Hue Bridge Integration app, 2 devices will be added to HE.

After some help from Facebook and some playing around, it turns out that this model works perfectly with the "Generic ZigBee RGBW" driver - it shows up as one device and you can control the colour and warmth of the lights from the same devic without the need for a Hue hub.

The only thing I can't get it to do is show up in Alexa as an rgbW light, so Alexa can change the colours but not the warmth.

Seems like the new one is 1ID only. 1ID will work with Generic RGBW driver. That's sufficient for most people.

Hue Hub is only needed for 2ID version where the CT light can be used to boost the brightness, e.g. you can have RGB+ W or CW at full brightness (but will also wash out the color). It has limited use and probably too confusing to the consumer so they dropped that from new hardware.