Gledopto 5 in 1 Led controller

Hi guys, I see a lot of older post on here regards the Gledopto 5 in 1 LED controller. Has anybody had success in getting this working with HE. What's the best driver available? I've be trying a few built in HE drivers but none of them even turn the Led's on/off. Not to mention colour changes.

I'm confident there's a solution without the need for a Hue hub?. Please help as I've just bought 2 of these

Did it ever work ?

Managed to get two to join network, they have been good since. One controller isnโ€™t playing ball though which is annoying.

Did you have any issues with colour changes. Which driver are you using?

Using the Generic Zigbee RGBW Light, took a few goes to add though.

So I have a similar problem. I bought 2 controllers and I can only get one working. Despite approx 8 re-pairs of the 2nd controller, it won't display the firmware in the data section. I've shown the logs and data in the lower 2 images. The top image is my working controller which is showing firmware. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

PS I'm using the Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb driver as the Generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver didn't work on either controller.

Just had the pro version arrive through door, will test that in the coming days. Maybe @bobbyD could point us in the right direction? Seems unlikely that multiple units are defective?

Even more oddly, I've had to reverse the green and red wires to get the best colour configuration. Very odd!