Glass break

I want to get a glass break sensor. Any suggestions?

GoControl Smart Glass Break Detector. Works with Hubitat Safety Monitor as a "Shock Sensor".

Amazon has a crazy low price on these at the moment...$9.95 at the time of this posting.

I picked up 3 at Lowes when they were on sale. Just grabbed another. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks guys! Picked up a few from amazon!

You're lucky to get this deal. The Canadian seller want's $47 CAD or I can import one from that same US seller for $23.42 CAD, which isn't bad to be honest.

Other than not being Z-Wave, anyone know how these compare with the Xiaomi vibration sensors or the SmartThings 2018 Multipurpose sensors (assuming @mike.maxwell is able to get them to share that part of their personality with HE)? Would the net result be the same or are these really as sensitive as they claim (e.g. One covers a 12 square foot area)?

Wondering about one of these to detect very subtle washer vibration from the motor moving. I use an Aeon HEM to detect current draw and while that works great, my washer is such a pain because its idle current fluctuates in the same range as its low speed running current draw, that I'm trying to find an adequate device to use and a third trigger stage before finished notifications are delivered.

I had good luck with an ST multi-sensor acceleration sensor on a dryer. I suspect a washer would work also. The rule had a long enough timeout with cancel with a minute or two.

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From my tests, I'd expect the Aqara Vibration Sensor to work well for glass break detection because of its sensitivity to "shock" force events, though I haven't tried breaking one of my windows to actually find out!

However, both of my Aqara Vibration Sensors failed to detect any movement of my very vibration prone clothes washer in action, thus sadly not living up to their namesake! That said, I still haven't managed to find a way to change the hardware sensitivity level, so that may be the reason why.

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so i got it setup and i wanted to test it. i tried to set it up with glass break sound but nothing. i notice it says shock. it is it a shock sensor?

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Does that means I should have it against the glass as it looks for the vibration?

The Xiaomi Vibration Sensor is quite good.

It has 3 sensitivity levels, for glass i would recommend set it up on strong as it becomes quite sensitive.
The Sensor also has several states that can be used as triggers (Drop/Tilt/? I forgot one of them).
You might need to get potential the right combination for it to work.

I tested them with the gateway at a friend's place (hence why I order 3 for me and they are in route) not sure how the HE driver is set in HE so it might need tweeking.

Will test everything when HE Hub and the new sensors arrive.

These actually are triggered by sound. That's how you can test them also, with sounds you can find on the internet of glass breaking. Typically they are ceiling mounted not far from the windows to be protected, a few feet away.

Will test this when my Xiaomi vibration arrives. Seems interesting concept. But wonder regarding sensitivity.

Will these Xiaomi vibration work with HE without having to have their gateway/hub? Seems like I remember reading somewhere that they wouldn't work with ST or He without Xiami bridge/gateway but I may be wrong.

I have written Aqara Vibration Sensor device drivers for both SmartThings and Hubitat.

It's just really important to know that Xiaomi / Aqara devices have some idiosyncrasies because they are non-standard in their ZigBee implementation. Most importantly, they don't work with the vast majority of ZigBee repeater devices, which are most mains-powered ZigBee devices besides some smart bulbs (such as those manufactured by Sengled).

Before deciding to buy one, I would highly recommend reading at least my first post in this thread for details of how to keep Xiaomi / Aqara devices connected and happy on your Hubitat hub's ZigBee mesh, and then check what mains-powered ZigBee devices you already own which may be "unfriendly" with Xiaomi / Aqara devices.

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