Glass Break Tiles on Dashboard

First post - I couldn't see this covered anywhere, sorry if it is a duplicate.

I'm using a system to drive Honeywell FlexGuard FG-1625F glassbreak sensors that were installed at the time our house was built. I have been able to test the sensors and I see them change state correctly at a device level. They are currently added as motion sensors and that seems to be working fine.

I'd like to add these sensors to a security dashboard. There is a tile labled "Glass Break", but when I add the glass break sensor to that tile, it provides a "?" and does not change with the sensor state change. If I make it a motion sensor, it works fine.

Question: What device (physical or virtual) should the glass break tile be connected to in order to respond correctly?

2nd Question: Is there a way to see the code underpinning the dashboard and tiles? It would make this kind of debugging easier.

Well, I figured out the first question. It appears that the Glass Break tile is tied to a depreciated "shock" sensor. I built a virtual one and that did the trick.

Can you expand on your solution?

I have 5 glass-break sensors and they stopped appearing on my HE dashboard. I cannot even edit them, the dashboard itself stops scrolling to the rows they are on. I tried building a new dashboard with these sensors and they show up as blank tiles.

To make matters even worse - I had a false alarm from one of them last night!

I add it as attribute : shock and it seem to work. Adding as glass break as a template did not work or showing.

So this was painful. Here's what I had to do to remove the blank/missing tiles and add them back in.
Edit the JSON and manually delete the section for the sensor.
Remove the sensor from the dashboard app.
Add the sensor back into the dashboard app.
Add the tile back to the dashboard.

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I always cut myself on broken glass so a sensor to warn me would be really helpful. Thanks! :wink:

We are talking about grass detector. Damn autocorrect!

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Thanks! :innocent:

Sorry - I just saw the request for elaboration. I found a virtual sensor on Git and modified it to be a shock sensor. That gave me a virtual sensor to tie to the dashboard. Then I set up a rule where if there is "motion" on a glass break sensor, it sets the virtual sensor on. That gave me a way to see what sensors triggered. As it happens - we had a bookcase in our front room with a metal vase that fell off about 2 weeks later and made a god-awful amount of noise. That triggered the glass break and I had an alert. I created a switch to "reset" all virtual sensors. Seems to be working...

Shock is not listed in my dashboard as a template, and when I try to add Glass Break it doesn't create a tile. Will the developers see this or is there a better place for bug reporting?

The Glass Break tile works for me. Are you selecting a device that supports the Shock capability?

Maybe not. It is just connected to a zone on my Vista20P. I will just make it a contact sensor template.

What driver is the device using?

I just checked the actual device. It listed as a virtual contact sensor. The Envisalink app only has two options. Motion or Contact. I am OK with it being a contact sensor on the dashboard. Thanks for following up.

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Now the Envisalink app has a virtual glass break driver. I converted the device to a glass break, then tried to change my tile to the Glass Break template and it goes away. Tried adding a new tile, and it spawns then instantly shrinks to oblivion. @patrick, are you aware of this issue? What debugging info can I give you to help fix this?

Also, the template is listed as Glass Break, but search query requires "shock" Here are the two I tried to make in the , but do not show up on the actual dashboard:

  "id": 39,
  "col": 6,
  "colSpan": 1,
  "device": "195",
  "row": 2,
  "rowSpan": 1,
  "template": "shock"
  "id": 40,
  "col": 7,
  "colSpan": 1,
  "device": "195",
  "row": 1,
  "rowSpan": 1,
  "template": "shock"

Does anyone know if using ATTRIBUTES for the template will actually report glass being broken on the dashboard? I just installed 2 Gocontrol glass sensors. No issue installing them into Hubitat. The install showed 'Generic Glass Break Detector" for the driver yet when I went to my dashboard to enter the GoControls, and chose "Glassbreak" as my template, as everyone else has discovered, you can't see it. I used Navat604 suggestion and used "ATTRIBUTE" as a template then chose "SHOCK" and it now appears.

Is the issue related to how the dashboard designates (Shock sensor VS Glass break sensor) . The Notification app seems to consider it as a Shock sensor not a glass break sensor and the dashboard considers it as a Shock sensor

This issue has been gone on for months and it would be nice to hear from someone in the know in Hubitat

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