Glass Break Sensor not recognizing in HE through Konnected


I have a glass break sensor that is correctly wired to my Konnected hub. I have all my door sensors and window sensors working and set up in my dashboard correctly. But I was working on the Glass Break sensors and ran into an issue with the first one. When I add a sensor to my Konnected App and try to add it to the Dashboard, it doesn't seem to recognize it (the "question mark" symbol on the dashboard tile).

I checked the glass break sensor and did the test jingling car keys and hitting the wall (to simulate breaking glass), and the lights do change on the glass break sensor. I also checked the GB sensor to see if there was a resistor (Nate correctly identified this on my motion detector which I removed and it worked), but the GB sensor doesn't have any resistors to remove.

Thoughts on this? Also, I did download the glass break drivers from Konnected github and install them into HE. So it does show up as a device I can choose.



Does the driver/device page show an event correctly when you simulate the glass break? If it does then you may have to look at the template being used on the dashboard (assuming of course that HE has a glass break template).


Thanks and just checked the events page, and it is empty, so no data shown at all. I tried it again, but it doesn't seem to be logging anything. I couldn't imagine it being the actual glass break sensor being incompatible, since these devices seem rather straightforward. I could buy another model and test it, but that would take a few days to see. Any thing else you recommend I look at? Thanks for any advice.


I use my own nodeMCU so the setup is different apparently. We would need to page @nate again. I would recommend you post any other issues or questions in the Konnected thread as I believe he monitors that one.


Ok, thanks, I will do that! Moved this over to the Konnected thread, so anyone seeing this should jump over there.