Ghost "Null" Zigbee Device In Neighbor Hood Table

I noticed a "ghost" zigbee device in my routing table recently and I can't seem to figure out what it is. I have accounted for all powered routing devices in my home, but his one is persisting. I also noticed that it's pining in my zigbee logs? Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.


I have noticed that from time to time, and it seems that shutting down the hub, pulling the plug for a minute, then powering back up clears it out.

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Just tried that, didn't work :disappointed:

I had one of those after a failed pairing with a defective Third Reality blind -- IIRC, I finally shook it loose by doing a longer (zigbee panic inducing) shutdown of ~30 minutes.

If all the devices are working, there should be nothing to worry about. I have seen such NULL devices appear and disappear periodically, without affecting the rest of the devices.

The Zigbee network usually ‘heals’ itself pretty quickly and effectively, there is nothing to compare with the Z-wave ghost’s horror stories.. : )


Just completed a "panic" still persists

Oof da, well, then I think @kkossev is on the right track -- if you can resist the urge to meddle ;), perhaps just let it slide for a day or 2 to see if it clears up on its own.

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