Ghost devices - refuse to go away

I know this has been beat to death and I have read hours upon hours of related posts.

I have tried to remove them from ZWave Details when I get the remove button. I have shut the entire house down but the router and hub and I still have 5 ghost devices.

I have alternately used a Zwave stick and these items refuse to go away.

I am at the point of replacing the NEXT in line device, with a new one, to see if I can get it to leave.

Honestly why should it be this difficult? ST did not have an issue removing unwanted or dead devices..... This is silly

Sorry to hear you are having issues. This has not been my experience, with the latest iterations of firmware, but it has happened. I have had a few ghost devices get created but in every case but one, just a persistent clicking of remove and refresh got rid of them.

I did have one that I had to break out a Z-stick and it removed it with no issue. Perhaps @bobbyD has some advice.

See the steps covered in this post for removing ghosts using the "Remove" option on the Z-Wave Details page. Follow those steps. " How do I remove Ghosts using the hubs built-in ghost removal tools?"

If that doesn't work, using the Z-Wave USB stick is usually pretty fail-safe, just works.

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St was also subject to ghosts. This isn't a Hubitat or ST issue, this is a SiLabs SDK issue. Did you use the SiLabs software to try and remove the device? When you did could you have conflated hex for dec?