Ghost Devices Question

I have a fairly iffy z-wave net right now, so am trying to troubleshoot to see what can be causing the slowdowns. To test more, I've installed a z-stick and pc controller and joined to the same network which also has a C-7 hub.

And I'm seeing a discrepancy in the networks, I wonder if these are intentional or "ghost devices"


The rest of the devices seem to line up, but Hubitat does not see 2-5

Are the devices in the top screenshot just numbering them from 1-50 with the number not meaning anything.
With the hub screenshot, the number is the hubs identifier for the device. I believe the hub reserves 1-5 and then allocates a number to the device from there.
If your last device is, say 20, and you delete it. If you then re-join it it will allocate it number 21 and there will be no 20 on your hub.
That's how it used to be anyway. Haven't really looked with the latest firmware release.
Hope this makes sense.
Are the actual total number of devices in both screenshots the same?


The numbers at the top align with the numbers in PC Controller, so ex: device 0x06 matches device 6 in pc controller. so, device 69 is the z-stick that's visible in Hubitat too:

Do we know for sure that 2-5 is reserved by the hub? if so, that would explain why I'm seeing these devices.

Yes. For certain.


Ok, then I will look for any missing that are ID >6 ... are there any instructions or tutorials out there on how to find a misbehaving device? They all seem to respond well individually but still there are slowdowns all the time to z-wave actions.

The first step to find โ€œGhostโ€ devices is to look for Z-Wave device in the Z-Wave Details screen that have nothing in the clusters column.

How many devices to you have? I have found that if I send too many commands at once to my devices, it will end-up bogging down the mesh.

Also, do you have any Zooz 4-in-1 motion sensors? Those will also impair your mesh on the C-7 hub.

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One of the issues that is rumored to cause slowdowns are devices that are paired with S0 security. Apparently that is extremely chatty.


And power reporting devices are problematic with the C-7, for some reason.

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@Eric.C.Miller - Yes, I found a few smart bulbs that joined that way, all others are "none", just went through and repaired them, will let the network heal for a day and see if that makes a difference.

@Sebastien - I think all of mine have clusters, I don't have any zooz devices. Mostly inovelli switches and bulbs, plus somfy shades. about 50 devices total.

@672southmain - All the switches report power, I wonder if I should figure out a way to turn that feature off.

Unfortunately, the Inovelli bulbs can be a problem. I had 5 of them and ended-up moving them to my C-5 hub. The Z-Wave mesh worked much better after that move. Because they join at C0, I had joined them with my Z-Wave stick with no security thinking that that would be better, but it was still a problem.

If you donโ€™t have an older C-5 hub, you may want to consider replacing them with Sengled bulbs.

You can change their reporting period so that they report less often. Also a very good idea. I have my Inovelli switches set to report at 32000 and the Active power report at 99.