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I have a GE generic z-wave outlet that keeps turning off. It is not in any automation that would turn it off, but it keeps turning off around the time we go to bed…. I do have a group and a scene that run when we go to bed – but this device is NOT in either (it used to be). Happy to send you logs or anything you need to help solve this.

No expert here, but could it have been in an association at some point that you forgot about?

it is in use by the following:

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.10.13 AM

The automation it is in is only triggered by manual switch and only turns ON plugs.

Anything in the events log for the device itself? Assuming you're on the current release it should tell you what triggered the event.

not really...

Do you have the device connected to an Amazon Alexa device? We had Amazon Hunches turned on, and it was doing weird stuff with switches without our input.

not managed by amazon or google

Again, what do I know, but you could get more info if you turn debug logging on. Maybe even text logging too, I don't know if that might be redundant. Then, see if you get some more to go on when it acts up tonight.

Why have the Device Watchdog monitoring an outside outlet? Again, I have no experience with it. Maybe the device could be removed from this app temporarily.

Again, what do I know, but for laughs I turned on debug and text logging for a GE switch that I know is associated to another GE switch in the basement. In the snip below, the switch I'm looking at is 8C and the associated switch is 81. If you hit config or refresh or whatever, it spits out a lot of info to the log. I can see 81 in the log, below. I also see an 81 on the device page for 8C in State Variables under current Group2. My point being, by snooping around you can see if there's an association. Then again, if you never messed with associations, why bother. :slight_smile:

Watchdog alerts me to devices that haven't had activity in 24 hours. I've had devices "go offline" for extended periods and had to rejoin networks.

nothing interesting here...

This IS interesting - it is a Group. I ticked/unticked the plug in question then hit done and it threw an error. This group IS triggered at bedtime and that appears when this outlet is turning off (and shouldn't be).

So I solved this - I had this device ticked in a group previously (group2.0) and had unticked it months ago. I kept finding this outlet off and could not figure out why. Appears group2.0 did not have a "refresh" button to discover current list of devices and I had devices showing in the group that no longer exist in devices - likely why it was throwing the error. The fix was to create a new group and look through all my automations to replace the old group with the new. Tested both old and new and confirmed the outlet WAS being turned off by the group it was unticked in but not in the new group. All good now.


Again, what do I know, and I'm someone who has never messed around with groups, are you saying that maybe you had excluded some devices but the group didn't "know" about it and the same device id was re-assigned to something else and erroneous actions ensued?

Anyway, good to see you figured it out.

in group2.0 there's no "button" to refresh all the devices on the hub - so when i created the group i had devices in the group that have since been deleted from the hub. looks like when i tried to untick the problem device the done/save function didn't work right - so it kept turning off the outlet even though it was unticked from my view.

in group2.1 there is a REFRESH button that " Click this button if you need to add new devices to the group, then select devices". i will just assume it also removes devices that have been removed from the hub as well.

i like groups - i use them primarily for bedtime routine (turns everything off that should be off at night). and i have separate group for when guests are visiting (so we don't turn off their bedroom lights, fans, or guest bathroom lights. then if/when i need to adjust what gets turned on/off in a group i do not have to change the RM rules - just tick/untick devices in the group.

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