I set up a rule for TTS to 3 GH's when motion is detected. The problem is only one of the GH's are speaking the message. I tried to remove all 3 GH's and choose another GH that didn't work in the original rull and it still will not work.

You can go to the device edit page and send a test message.
Do your GHs have static IPs on your network?

Thanks for the help. I got all GH's working. Now the problem is the condition. It is picking up the motion outside of the selected condition.


You need to add the Timeframe as part of the Rule.

I did a test and it is still turning on the lights and sending a TTS to all GH's.

change the "OR" in the Rule to an "AND" instead.

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Also, add a "Cancel" to your False Action of Delay. (i.e. Delay with Cancel)

How's this look?

That should work...

I like the "Police are on the way" message! :wink:

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