Geyser temp sensor and NO or NC relay feeding to HE

Since last week I am building an solar installation with batteries. Because there will be lots of energy available (11,8 kWp and 30 kWh battery) I want to make my hot water supply electric. It's on natural gas now. My plan is to let the geyser turn on as soon as my batteries are, let's say, 90% charged (SoC). SoC will be measured with a Victron BMV702 that has a programmable relay for this hence my question how can that relay tell the HE if it is on or off? And the other question; what can I use to measure the temp in or at the surface of the hot water tank?

I was considering suggesting a Quibino ZMNHID3 but I'm not sure the sensor would be reliable if in hot water 100% of the time. And I've never used one. It has multiple capabilities and might be worth investigating.

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