Getting to Know webCoRE [Video Series]

I've been working on a video series going over webCoRE for people getting started or who are looking for piston ideas. I have below all of the videos currently in the series and the whole playlist can be found here:

If there are any suggestions on things to cover or suggestions on how to make the videos more interesting / helpful please let me know!

Installing webCoRE on Hubitat & Migrating webCoRE from SmartThings to Hubitat:

Introduction to webCoRE:

Dashboard Deep Dive:

Conditions vs Triggers:


IFTTT Integration:

Setting up Low Battery and Offline Smart Home Device Notifications:

Smart Laundry Room Monitoring & Notification:

Recreating The Goolge Home "Let's get Spooky" routine:

Basic Light Control (Using Time of Day):

Advanced Light Control (Motion & Time of Day + Timers):

Controlling Multiple Light Switches (4-way Light Mimicking):

How to Mimic a Hardwired Smart Fan with Smart Switch and a RF Bridge:

IFTTT Custom Applets & webCoRE (Using Bond Bridge Fan Controller):

Advance HVAC Control Home Automation:


Bravo, and THANKS for putting that series together! I was just poking around in WebCoRE this morning, whereupon I realized I virtually never dabble with it, having only a single active Piston running. The elapsed time between visits means I forget whatever chops I had picked up previously, so these videos will be truly helpful!

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TOPICS OF INTEREST (the 1st two of which are likely already covered in the "Variables" and "HVAC" installments)
► Using Expressions within Variable declarations / Extending RM variable math;
► Computing temperature variance throughout your house with Ecobee sensors;
► Displaying WebCoRE results on the Dashboard;
► Creating advanced "Speak" phrases for output using the Echo Speaks app;

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Thanks for the suggestions! I have not covered any of those yet.

Could you provide a little more context around "advanced speak phrases"?

I would, except on 2nd thought, I believe that's far too niche a topic (esp. since the "Echo Speaks" app already has a purpose built "Phrase Builder" in place).

I've watched all your videos, and will keep my thinking cap on for additional topics!

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