Getting output from bluetooth trackers

I know the topic of using bluetooth trackers and beacons has come up and there has been discussion about the limitations. However, I'm trying to find a "simple" way to use an existing bluetooth device for presence detection. I know that often you need a particular manufacturers app to be able to find these devices. However, I've noticed that the Unifi app Wifiman has a bluetooth scanner that seems to pick up just about everything. I've managed to identify a few items just by watching the signal strength change with proximity in combination with whatever identifying info the app can pull (eg it knows which items are Tiles, which are Apple devices , etc).

But I haven't figured out a way to get that info out of an app like Wifiman or to have something similar running on a windows machine or RPi with a bluetooth adapter.

Anyone know of anything?

Did you read the existing Topics?

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I thought I had but apparently I missed some! Thanks.