Getting Itchy


Hey just had a question, just a bit bored waiting for some more gear to arrive.

Will the new dashboard and App be released with 2.0.7, or will those be separate releases?

Just fishing a bit :slight_smile:


@patrick can speak to this, but I believe the 2.0 Dashboard is expected to arrive with 2.0.7.x. There can always be last minute discoveries by beta testers that can delay release though. Dashboard like all other built-in applications and drivers, as always released as part of a hub platform update


App is still in development. No ETA.

Dashboard v2 is in beta and assuming all goes well, will be in the next release.. No ETA.


Well I'm sure you'll have plenty of eager beta testers here for the app when you're ready. :wink:


Same, I was sure it would drop today. I'm specifically waiting for the RM upgrade, as I have a number of rules I want to change, and cant be bothered deleting and re-creating. I believe RM will allow the changing of triggers and events in rules.




I saw that Bruce and Patrick said it was in Beta test already and I'm certain that when the tester's stop finding stuff, they'll release it :slight_smile: Kinda big changes: RM AND Dashboard. Lots of nuance in those Apps to find and fix I imagine.


Next week!


Hope this is not too far in the future, this was being beta tested since December I thought.


The more I automate the less I miss having the app!

A simple dashboard layout that works well on a phone is really all I need to check on things remotely.

Looking forward to dashboard v2 !

Iā€™m feeling it getting closer.....


I want the app for presence and notifications so I do not need to use third party services. I do less with control of devices through the dashboard, most of my automatons are motion based or presence/time based.



New week, new patch, new RM?


@mike.maxwell made mention of "this week" in another post.
I'm hanging out for the love dished out to the Iris keypads :slight_smile:


cricket, cricket...


It is only Monday . . .


LOL I know but i'm impatient


Itch satisfied?


I was just coming to say the same thing...

Updating now... I'm curious to see how this update performs.


RM is different but only when editing the Conditions or Rules... outwardly it looks the same.


Ooohhhhh!!! Me likey so far!!! Just being able to edit/remove conditions and rules was worth the wait!