Getting Hub Variables

I am writing an app which will create variables that i can send to a notification rule or to dashboard tile. I believe I want to create hub "global" variables to make those values easily accessible.

I have tried the following but i get a illegal declaration within a method.

getGlobalVar(String variablename)

Do i need to import anything and where exactly would you be putting imports into a script "preferences"

If there is a better way to get values from app calculations so i can use them elsewhere other than hub variables I am all ears.


That should work, though you can't literally use "String variableName", which you might know but it's not clear from your description; you need to substitute an actual string variable or literal string value, e.g., getGlobalVar("myName").

If that doesn't help, I suggest sharing a minimal reproducable example, and someone can probably help you (if you aren't familiar with the concept: How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example - Help Center - Stack Overflow -- more or less, though that was written with a general audience in mind and not the Hubitat environment specifically).

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Thanks I was using the String data type declaration and then the variables name. switched to "variables name" and worked.

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