Getting Grafana display from dashboard

I thought I could just link to it but I keep getting "refused to connect"

Then I modified the .ini file to enable anonymous auth and that still doesn't work.

Edit: I may have posted this in the wrong section

I've got this working, but it was problematic for others to get it working with the steps I used. Let me find the post and you can see if it helps.

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These are the steps I followed. I have InfluxDB / Grafana installed on a rpi and used a TileMaster virtual device in HE to handle the iframe. Adjust these steps to suit your own setup, for example there are other options for hosting an iframe on HE.

Oh! I think I left semi colons in. That would matter right?

You mean in some of the config settings?

Looking back at my notes, I'm assuming yes. I'd try to remove them and try again, may need to restart Grafana when you do that.

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I was only guessing when I restarted before but the command is just "restart" instead of the initial "start"?

Are you hosting Grafana in Linux (e.g rpi) or Windows?

RPi 4

I think it can depend on how you have setup the service, but I typically use:

sudo systemctl restart grafana-server

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Well removing the semi colons didn't change anything.

I did get it working though. I went in and enabled embedding too.

I think I opened a rabbit hole with Grafana :joy:

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Nice work, glad you got it working. See you when you emerge from the rabbit-hole... :slight_smile:

I've really only used the embedding in my HE dashboards for some temp/humidity charts, but have used Grafana for about half a dozen uses so far. Very useful.

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I spoke too soon! It works on my laptop but when I tested it on the wall tablet it doesn't work. hmmmm

OH! those pesky VLAN blocking rules. Tablet wasn't able to talk to pi.

Hmmm, networking isn't my strong suit. I am expecting you have wanted to segregate IoT devices from the rest of your network....? I guess you need something to cross that divide, either the data being transferred to the rpi or the tablet getting into Grafana?

I just added the IP of the tablet to my allow list.

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