Getting Child Devices into Dashboards

I have linked both a Zooz 3 channel garage door relay and Envisalink to Hubitat but the relays and sensors show up as child devices and I cant seem to add them to a dashboard. It only lets me add the parent. Anyone have a solution?

Child and parent devices should both show up. In both the Dashboard builder itself and the Dashboard app where you have to go to authorize the devices (so they show up in the Dashboard builder at all), they will show up as basically separate devices--child not under parent like they are in the Devices list.

So, depending on where you're looking (or not), either one of these could be the problem. But check first that the device is authorized: Apps > Hubitat Dashboard > (your Dashboard) > Choose Devices. Then it should show up as an option in the actual Dashboard.

just checked and they are showing up know. Apologies! I swear they were not a few days back but i did just run a bunch of updates so maybe that helped. Cheers