Get started button does not do anything

Hi. I am new in hubitat. I have C8, I have creating an account, after click on search hub in did not find my hub, it finds it if I go to advanced search with IP adress. But after click on get started nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

What is the color of the light on the hub?

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This usually means the hub is not connected to the internet. can you get to the hub if you go to http://hubitat.local ?

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Have you attempted to set a static IP address after you connected the hub for the first time? Searching for the hub via advanced may show you the cached IP, while the hub may be offline.

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Yes I can get the hub. But I get get startet. the light is green.

As @bobbyD asked, did you set a static ip on the hub?

Yes I did.

Do you mean that you set a static IP in the hub’s settings menu? That also requires setting DNS servers in the same page.

Or did you set a DHCP reservation for the hub in your router’s settings menu?

Setting a static IP is prone to causing more issues (usually DNS related). A DHCP reservation accomplishes the same thing (a stable IP address for the hub that doesn’t change over time) but is less likely to have other unintended side effects.

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Your hub doesn't have access to the internet at this point. Please push the network reset button on the bottom of the hub for 7 seconds using a toothpick or paper clip. (This will be the only round hole out of all the square ones). Set a reservation in your DHCP server instead. You should be able to complete everything after that.

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You were correct from the very beginning :slight_smile: There was no internet. I have just reset my routers and it works fine.
Thank you.