Get Ready to make the migration (SMIRK - ST)

Okay, I have everything migrated except the two power meters I am using for my laundry monitor and dryer monitor. I Loooooove not wondering if things are cloud vs local.

So far, EVERYTHING is snappy. I did not need any special device handlers. Almost EVERYTHING works fairly well with generic (Even Tradfri, Kwikset, and Linear Garage opener)

I did find a way to make my Tradfri Remotes still maintain functionality with the lights. But, they are just placeholders in HE (they did not do anything in ST either)

Almost every complex rule I had was handled WELL with the Rule Machine or Simple Automation or Webcore.

130 items migrated, and so far so good. Best part is, if I do not want to upgrade the firmware, I don’t have to. (Not saying I won't. Just never right away)

Have to do a bit more research before I do the last two items as one of the power meters is an older AEON labs that required an OEM handler (and is no longer available) But all in all, this is not just a success, it's a huge step forward. I never realized the lag my old system had until I did not have it anymore.

KUDOS to the team and all you awesome community members!!


That's great that things went smoothly for you. I always tell people that you'll have to move your motion sensors in TO the room because you won't need to adjust for latency so that the lights turn on WHEN you enter and not BY THE TIME you enter. There's a big difference there. I'm glad that you're happy with your migration. If there's a driver that is written in groovy that you have loaded onto your smartthings hub for you remaining devices, it might be easy to port over. Check that. Otherwise it's a great opportunity to buy something new and retire that device. Although Aeon labs stuff is never cheap.

Where the heck were you when I was getting married!??! :wink: Do you offer in-house counseling for Smart Home resistant spouses/partners? Puh-leeze?


Glad to see your happy ending. :slight_smile:

Couple of questions:

  1. Was it all done under one FW version, or across one or more FW updates, or ?

  2. Were you rebooting between x number of devices, or taking any other "precautionary" steps during your migration?

I started with playing with virtual items and a few inconsequential items just to test and learn how to play with the various apps (Rule machine, etc) I also read ALOT of the posts searching all the various model numbers and taking notes for any problems others had. Then and only then did I start migrating items over (using Hub Connect as a bridge to bring one of each device type at a time, and then only adding more once I had tested them over a day) So, yes smooth as butter. I was prepared for snags. But, I did not have any that didn't already have solutions mentioned here (exception was the Ikea remote, but I posted the fix I found here. Another exception was a bug I found in an app that got fixed within an hour of notifying the app designer)

I actually only use motion in hallways and one other room. I have the two halls covered with opposing sensors such that it's picked up as you step into the entries. Never even a half step before response (Iris plugs are fast on ST, and FASTER on HE)

That is the option I am looking at. In the meantime, those are the last two items I have on ST and they run local (I have no idea how since they are custom handlers) So, I can leave them for a bit to make sure I get it right. I rue the day I have to replace just because of the access to install the leads on the power sensor.... Uggh.

MY husband is the biggest smart home resistant spouse in Iowa. But, he has his hobbies, so I always remind him that paying over $600 for a golf membership per year is far more than I'm spending on home automation. What he doesn't see is that I'd gladly buy him a kayak and a golf membership because the benefits are the ability to sneak in new smart devices while he's gone and getting them into my office before he sees them. I call it "alone time". :grin:


My wife is the biggest reason I made sure to take my time and know it was right before I migrated anything. LOL

If it doesn't make her life easier, it make MY life harder.....


Sh1t .. I was head first when I migrated, but I migrated on a C4 hub. I used a different software to connect my hubs. Can't remember the name. It was before hub connect came about. I migrated room by room. Setting up rules and then moving on to the next. I did not read anything before I started. Go big or go home! :grin:

You might want to make sure you grab that handler while you still can. Since ST is moving away from groovy, you might lose that. There are several people here that will help you port those drivers. So, my advice is not to wait. With ST being in transition, you might regret waiting.

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I have backup copies of ALL my groovy code in text format on my own hard drive as well as in GITHUB. Yep, I know about the ST timeline. That is one of the reasons I made the switch. I knew that the promises (vaporware) of continuing to keep the same functionalities were just a pipe dream. But I held out as long as I could.

I did what I promised though. I told them if I had to write even one line of code to migrate, it would be to another platform. So, here I am.


So, a little more digging in the community and it appears I am ST Free. Found a ported driver and was able to keep my aging devices for the time being.

Managed to look at the app I have and figured out the changes I needed to port it over. (Someone else had made an app from the same one I used as a basis. So, just a tweak on the notification messages and VOILA.... Laundry and Dryer monitors with repeating alerts until I either restart the washer, empty the dryer, or manually toggle my switch.)

Unplugged the other hub about an hour ago.

Also, we lost internet today..... EVERYTHING STILL WORKED.... I was dancing in front of the motion sensors LOL


So good to hear. I'm glad that your experience has been a positive one.


No words necessary :grin:


The first device I owned was an early release echo. My wife watched for a few minutes and immediately wrote it off.

The first thing I automated was her laundry room!

Worked like a charm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


WITH the echo, right? I do hope so. :grin:


Exactly. We have our Laundry in the basement and usually stay in the top floor of the house. IMPOSSIBLE to here the dryer and washer when they were done. The minute I put in the laundry alert, she was sold. (And she liked that it nagged the kids to take their flipping laundry out of the washer when they used it. Otherwise, they were likely to leave it for days..,, literally)

The first thing I automated was the garage door though. Back then, it was on iobridge with hardwired sensors and a VERY rudimentary SMS alert if it was left open. Again, the kids were the impetus as they were prone to using the garage door on their way out of the house and leaving it open all day.

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Nor right away, but it eventually ended up in every room of the house.

Hi, could I get the code for that? :blush:

Search on Better Laundry Monitor...

I used the same code he did as a basis (I think we both got the main part from an app on ST)

But, I wanted my switches and lights to be controlled. So, I did a mashup of several apps to get repeating alerts (if wanted), additional lights, and a mix of phone, speech, and player alerts.

Realize, I am NOWHERE near a pro at this. So, there are a few caveats in the README.

Anyone is welcome to copy it or upgrade it. Works for me as is, so I am not looking to change things on demand for others.

The readme is here: HubitatPublic/MyLaundryMonitor-Repeating at master · tweas/HubitatPublic · GitHub

and the code is here:

HER laundry room! I thought we men of the 21st century were past that. Should’ve said OUR laundry room :joy: