Get notified when light switch is turned on/off by automation


Is there a way to know when the light switch is turned on/off by an automation?


Depends on driver for the light switch. Some do make a distinction between digital and physical. But there are limitations. For instance if the switch is turned on by automation outside of HE it may view the change as physical rather than digital.


Thanks for your reply.

The automation is done by the at home simulator.

I wanted to know if the light is turned on by the app.

So you're trying to test whether the at home simulator app turned on or off the lifx switch vs someone physically doing it? It depends on the driver for the lifx switch. I don't have any of them installed so I can't tell whether it does or not. But you could test it with RM and see. There are triggers for both physical and digital switch activation. I'd just set up a simple rule and see if the lifx driver knows the difference.

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Thanks for your responses,

At the end, I use the "Digital Switch" IF statement and works as expected.

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