Geolocation Errors

Hi all,

When within my geofence location, I have suddenly been randomly getting a push notification stating locationManager has paused updates:

After a while, or upon opening the HE app on my device, another notification it has resumed:

Once I leave my geofence location, it seems as though geoevents are not functioning properly at all. I'll receive numerous pushes stating an HTTP post error has occurred:

Of course during all of this, it does not appear my geolocation based rules and automations are functioning properly. Any advice or assistance on resolving this? Using the latest iOS app and HE version (about to update to latest now to see if that resolves anything, although I didn't see anything noted in the release notes).

Thanks in advance, appreciated.

With no suggested fixes and the continued issues with HE presence sensing and reaction, I am giving up and moving to a third-party solution (Alexa for now, or Life360 if needed depending on Alexa results which so far are promising).

This is a pretty basic functionality, so it's truly sad that the native capabilities don't work well enough to actually be useful.

Are you on one of the latest Beta releases? There was a recent update that was supposed to improve geolocation issues. This update in particular. Beta 1.2.8 (Build 141) released [iOS] - #3 by user2433

If you haven't tried the latest update, it might be worth trying...

@neonturbo I'm on the latest publicly available (1.2.8 Build 145) of the iOS app. I am still getting similar paused/resumed updates debugging errors.

While I would tend to lean towards a native solution that limits dependencies and complications with multiple integrations, at this point I have a working solution so I am reluctant to expend any more energy on what still unfortunately seems to be an inconsistent native capability.

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