Geofencing not working on wife's phone

I have the mobile app installed on my Android phone and my wife's Android phone. Geofencing works and status changes to present or not present as appropriate for the location of my phone. However when my wife leaves or returns here phone's status does not change. She left a little while ago and her phone is now many miles away but here presence status still shows as present. Did I miss a setting somewhere? Any suggestions?

On her mobile app under settings is the Geofencing option enabled and on the Geofence tab of her mobile app does it show your hubs location correctly?

When I installed it on her phone I'm pretty sure I turned geofencing on and also verified her location on the map was correct however I won't be able to check until she comes home.

Also I left this morning while she was still home and my presence status changed to not present. However when I came home I noticed on my desktop app it still said not present. When I checked the mobile app I had been logged out for some unknown reason and had to log back in. I had already corrected my presence status in the desktop app. Do you have to be logged into the mobile app for geofencing to work?

on iOS you don't have to have it running in the background to work but it will occasionally stop working and I have to start it again and occasionally I have to logon again. Both of these occurrences happen rarely on my XS but happen a little more frequently on my wife's 6s.

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