Geofencing, mobile app - Not Triggering Arrive Home Rule

I have setup geofencing in the mobile app and have used this to trigger a typical home and away mode change. I have found that particularly when arriving home the mode change rule does not fire, but if I open the app once inside the house it then fires. Has anyone else experienced / solved this issue?

I have seen some mentions in other posts where the app has been logged out and required people to log back in. I am using a Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 10 OS.

This is an issue with all phone based geolocation apps. To save battery, your device powers down the GPS radio unless it is actively being used, like when you're using navigation with Google Maps. It only wakes up the GPS radio every so often to update it's location. So, until an app forces the GPS to wake up, it doesn't know that it's arrived home yet. I usually plug my phone into my car to use Android Auto, so the GPS is always active when I've driving home so my location updates immediately. Short of doing that, there is no way to force your GPS to be active more frequently except opening an app that does that. And leaving it always active will drain your battery FAST.

Thanks for the tip. I have also started using Android Auto in the last month or two, but can't be sure about whether I was using on the days where I had issues. I'll keep an eye on it.

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I think the triggers for arriving home have also been more consistent since I turned off the battery optimisation setting on my android phone for the hubitat app, i.e. allowing the app to remain open in the background. I suspect it is a combination of this and the use of android auto to ensure the gps is active that would be giving me the improvement.

My reporting has gotten much, much worse since the latest beta release. It won't update until I open the app now even if I'm navigating with GPS which always got be great results.

Even without android auto keeping your gps position refreshed frequently, this could have made a big difference.

I suspect it has had the biggest impact for me, but didn't want to rule the gps out. I've since had issues with my internet connection, so it's only a small sample set of a few days that I have to go on.

@Ryan780 - I don't think I'm part of any beta program with the app (if that's what you are referring to), according to the settings in the app I am on 1.27

I ran into this a few days ago when I realized the android app was updated and when I opened it the changes window was there. Once I clicked on the OK I got the main screen back and it updated my status in Hubitat.

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