Geofence with all


Can we make the circle bigger with geofence for app? I work like 20 miles away and want some things to kick in at 5 miles.

Would be nice to go up to 5miles if possible


There was a discussion about the geofencing and an app that would assist with triggering things. Maybe a solution to your desire to kick things in before you get home. I did a quick search, but came up empty because I can't remember where I was reading it.


Hopefully they’ll continue to improve the geolocation function as the app develops, including this feature.

If you want to be able to do this right away, you can use any of several geofencing apps that can send an http request when you move in/out of an assigned radius. With the hub’s maker API, the hub will receive the http request and can trigger presence based automations with it.

Geofency is one that will let you set a very large radius. I decided to use it as part of a combined presence solution, because I’ve found it to be fairly accurate but like every geolocation app it’s occasionally wrong. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either.


You can definitely get it smaller than 20 miles. Mine is only a few hundred feet. Simple use the slider at the bottom of the screen to decrease the size.


I think the OP is looking for a geofence radius (or diameter) of five miles. Max in the hubitat app is on the order of a few hundred yards or so.


Ok. Not how I read that at all.


Yeah was just looking for it all including in hubitat app. Figured one less app to worry about if it could be added here