Geofence service is not available, android 11

I've got my device updated to Android 11 on it. Getting Geofence service is not available. Go to settings, choose High accuracy location mode. There is no option for high accuracy location in Android 11. I do have high accuracy location equivalent, like WIFI and BT scanning enabled and Google high accuracy location services. All other location related applications, like Google map and Waze work just fine. Only Hubitat is not working. Worked well on Android 10

I would uninstall and reinstall the app. When you reinstall just choose the existing phone device and you won't lose anything automation related.

If that doesn't work, please reply back and someone will have ideas of what to check, or we can get support involved.

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I've done reinstall of the application twice. That is first thing that I did :frowning:

Maybe @support_team can help?

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Do you mind sharing more details about your phone (make and model) and what do you mean by service not available? Screenshots of what you see, make up for 1000 words that might try to explain what's (not) happening.

I am not sure what your issue may be unless you have your location permissions set incorrectly.

I am running Android 12 on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone. With "precise Location" turned on and allowing permission for full-time location monitoring, the GPS is able to access my position to within 12 feet. That should be adequate for geofencing.

I've got the same problem, I think. My location just doesn't get updated. I can be miles away from home and my Geofence is still showing me at home.

I've got a Nokia 3.4 running Android 11 and my HE app got permanent excess to location data.

I am running 11 on a TCL Revvl 5G phone from T-Mobile and I found after the 11 update that they had an aggressive background task killer baked into the phone. If I didn't use the app on a daily basis it's background tasks would be killed. I found that no matter how I configured their dumb "smart manager", photos never uploaded, weatherflow's alerts for rain and lightning never showed up, and anything that required background location services was hit and miss.

Found a decent thread on how to disable apps that can't be uninstalled over at XDA developers and everything is working now. I posted my info on Reddit:

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That makes perfect sense. Google and the Android phone manufacturers are always trying to maximize battery life as that is one of the first complaints many owners will raise if the battery does not last as long as they think it should. Background tasks running constantly do place a drain on battery life. However, the owner and not the hardware or software manufacturer should have the ability to choose which programs to run and which to shut down. I guess the problem is that most phone owners are not as technically sophisticated as Hubitat forum members and might not be able to figure it out.

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