Geofence notifications

I keep getting this message:

Didn't send geoEvent for current location: Backup Geofence Event Sending not enabled

I tried geofencing and because of my habits and terrain it wasn't a good solution. So I've tried to turn it off and remove it from all the apps that used it.

I can't find it turned on or used anywhere but I still keep getting these messages.

How do I stop these messages from appearing?

If you didn't try already, you may be able to stop the messages by uninstalling and re-installing the app. If the problem persists, please indicate which operating system your mobile device is using.

Removing the app and re-installing it did stop the messages.

However, I'm now unable to send notifications to my phone. I've removed the device and re-added the device several times. I can't think of any other permutations.

I'm testing it by using the "text notification" button in the device description.