Geofence: HowTHDIWork?


Ok, am I stupid or something? What am I missing with this geofence business? I don't see any type of settings possible on the app, just a simple location setting in the hub's settings, and zero documentation.

I have a pin on the app's map showing the geographic center of the US and the slider adjusts it radius based on that location.

Can anyone explain how this is supposed to be used?


Drag the pin to your location.
You may have to zoom out to be able to see where you currently are.
Maybe gradually move it to your location.
The top right icon should zoom in to your location.


You know, I had tried that several times, but I guess I wasn't holding it long enough to respond.



For geofence, you can pick up the pin and move it to where you want it to be. If you set your address in Hubitat's settings (Location and Modes), it should have put the pin at your home location.

I don't use Geofence since I have other presence detectors. The principle is fairly simple. When the phone goes outside the location radius, an event is generated to let Hubitat know that (presumably you and your phone are together) you are outside of the geofence and therefore, away. You should be able then to set up the Mode Manager app to use your phone as a presence device and change the mode of the Hubitat to Away. Then you can use that Away to arm your HSM app, set your thermostat (if you have one connected) to your away temperatures, etc. Likewise, when the phone returns within the radius, it generates an event that can be used to change the mode to Home which can then disarm the HSM, set your thermostat to home temperatures, turn on lights, etc.

Hopefully, this will help you get started. Anything beyond this, you will have to figure out or someone else will need to chime in with more (and better) advice.


That was very helpful, thank you. I had set the location in settings, but it did not affect the app. I had tried dragging the pin before many times, but it's a little finnicky and I guess I wasn't patient enough to get it to select and move until just now.


Make sure your Longitude and Latitude setting are correct in the settings page. Six decimal points can make the location very accurate (front yard or back yard)


I cannot get this to work. I have gone into the hub->settings->location and modes and updated the location to my home. It correctly displays the zip code, longitude and latitude. The pin on the map is at my house.

Now, when I go into the app on my Android phone The geofence location still shows as being in the North of Kansas at "The geographic center of the 48 states." What has to happen to get the app to synch with my hub's settings so the app shows the geofence at my house and not in the middle of nowhere? I've tried killing the app and restarting; restarting the phone; and yet the geofence still shows it in Kansas.


I just tried logging out of the Android app and logging back in. No difference. Geofence is still in Kansas.


It only worked for me when I dragged the icon to my location on the map and dropped it. Then it stuck


I guess it just needs time to sync. Now Geofence is showing up correctly at my house. I wish this process was better documented.


The Geofence in the Hubitat Mobile App may get its initial position from the hub, but that’s it.

You have to drag the pin in the Mobile app to whatever location you’d like to mark as “home”. You can then also adjust the size of the Geofence.


Well, it took about 3-4 days but it finally picked up the location from the hub. I didn't have to move the pin in the mobile app. It showed up in the right place today. Just took a long time to get there.


Why not just take five seconds and drag the pin in the app?