Geofence dont change in iOS app

When i change position of my home in the web ui and save it changes and stats there but in my iOS app the position is still the same. Am i a rookie doning something wrong or is there some kind of bug in iOS app or iOS or c7?

Is it possible to have nativt multipel geofence for actions?
C7 and iOS 14 beta4

The position in the app is independent of the position of your hub. The app just tells your hub if you move in or out of the geofence. it does not communicate your current location. That would be a security risk.

Yes but i moved ”my house” in web Interface. Then house should move in app also . My position is correct in phone.

I just said....the position of your hub in the Hub GUI is independent of the Geofence within the app.

OK , Ho do i change geocircle size in phone (in the right position as in hub GUI) when hub position in phone is not updated in phone since I changed it in guy?

Edit: now got it.... you can long press and movie in phone.... Thanx

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