Generic Zwave Plus Smoke & Fire

I have a few of these relatively new Zwave Plus Fire & CO sensors (I think they are by Kidde).
Here is the Device Status page:

I assume that the 4200, is that the device is supposed to wake up every 4200 minutes.

Is this state variable changeable?
(I tried to change the driver to the basic Zwave driver, and then get a Parameter Report, but it wouldn't work.)
Does anyone know if there is some other way of changing this "wake up interval"?

Why do you want to change the wake interval?

I want to check if the device is still on my network, and if it still has good batteries (on a more frequent basis than every 4200 hours).

You need updates more than twice a day?

Nope. Once a day is enough.

I assume that the 4200 is 4200 minutes, or approximately 3 days.

that time is in seconds

Does that mean that the following device is no longer on the mesh?

It hasn't checked in the last 3 days.

No.. I’m sure it’s still there.. If you have doubts, run the smoke detector test.. It will fire an event for tested..

Doesn't the "wakeup" interval mean that it should show some activity in that interval?
Please excuse me, I must not understand what "wakeup" does for this particular device.

What I really want is to query and see if there has been some activity, so that I know it's still active.

It does.. but since the value didn't change the duplicate event of battery = 100 was filtered out ..

This has been changed in 2.2.5 to not filter duplicate battery events..


I will upgrade that Hub, and then go from there.
Thanks for the info!

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