Generic Zwave Motion Sensor NOT reporting battery

I'm new to Hubitat. Transitioning from Smartthings. I have two motion sensors. One Jasco portable and the other an ecolink. They are both using the Generic Zwave Motion Sensor driver. Motion is detected as expected, I get no battery report. I'm wondering if it is a driver issue. Below is a screen shot of one of them. Battery status is not listed.

Did you recently add this device? If so, I might give it a day or so to "check in" with a battery event. Typically this would also be fetched at pairing or could likely also be done by running the "Configure" command you see on that page and waking the device shortly after (the manual should say how), but just waiting is easier. :slight_smile:

Yes recently added. I'll wait few days and see what happens.

The ecolink is reporting battery. However, there no report at all for the Jasco unit.

I'd suggest a Configure if you haven't already, otherwise enabling debug logging and seeing if any battery events are really coming in may help determine if it's a driver issue (unlikely since this is pretty standard, but weird things happen sometime). I'd also check the deicde manual to see if they offer any options for these reports, possibly a configuration parameter.

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