Generic Zigbee Shades show as two devices in HomeKit?

Hi - I'm using the Generic Zigbee Shades driver (built-in) to control Yoolax shades and I'm not understanding why this device is exposed as two accessories - a light and a shade. What's even more strange is that while I can set a level on the shade accessory manually to whatever desired percentage, I can't ask Siri to do this, because Siri wants to set the brightness on the light accessory?! And ... that accessory "doesn't respond" ...

So, seems pretty close, but not quite there? Wondering if someone else has run into this or understands why it's exposed this way. Devices are exposed to homebridge via MakerAPI app/plugin.

Hubitat C-5,

p.s. I tried the yoolax driver from mwerline, but for some reason that doesn't control the blinds at all, even from within HE. Wonder if they've changed their Zigbee firmware in some way that breaks it.

There haven't been any zigbee changes in some time.
The generic driver for legacy reasons exposes the switchLevel capability in (addition to shade) which is usualy imported as a light.

@bdruth - the solution here is to edit the Homebridge configuration file to exclude the capability you don't need as described by @dan.t in the documentation for his MakerAPI integration.

cool, thank you!