Generic Zigbee Shade Driver issue with a non Zero Closed State

Hey All, I'm hoping this is in the right forum. I just bought a Greywind Zigbee Roller Shade which works for the most part great with the Generic Zigbee Shade driver but my closed set point on the shade is not the limit of the device. It's currently set to close to about 3% as thats the length of my window but the driver keeps saying partially open when it's actually physically closed. Is there a better driver for this shade that will allow me to put in what should be considered closed in the driver or is there something I need to set in the Generic driver. I've tried searching and haven't had much luck I even tried a few drivers for other zigbee shades but they all either didn't work or had the same issues. Here are the model/make details from my Hubitat. Thank you all in advance for any help.

  • model: D10110
  • firmwareMT: 1141-0204-10013001
  • manufacturer: yooksmart
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Is there a way to set the upper and lower limits on the physical shade?

There is, I've set the upper and lower limits on it and the remote that came with it goes to those levels with no issue. The problem is the driver stays in a state of Partially Open even thou it should say closed when it hits that set point. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's a setting in the driver to tell it that when the shade hits 3% mark it as closed and it doesn't appear to report closed in the interaction with the device. Also some command's seam to close last the limit points some how on the device when their activated I can only assume it's because the driver doesn't acknowledge the set point as actually being closed. I hope that somewhat makes sense it did in my head lol. Thank you again for the help.

right, this is up to the device to report 0 when fully closed and 100 when open after the limits have been set, this is what the device is supposed to do so we don't have any settings in the drivers to manage this.

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Possible to add preferences in the future that would allow setting custom fully closed and fully open points?

this is a device issue, so futzing something into the driver to fix it really isn't the way to solve it as it could cause inaccurate reporting for devices that are reporting correctly.

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i might try removing it from Hubitat, resetting the limits, then including it again.
I remember having an issue getting the limits set when I was working on the yooksmart initially.

I gave removing and re-adding it a try but same result the device still reports the 3%. I know in some drivers for other shades including the IKEA ones there's an option to set what is considered by the driver as closed so you can set a non zero closed point and then have rule machine and other apps see it as closed instead of partially open. That way you can have different rules based on if its open, closed, partly open, closing, or opening.

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That's what I was trying to ask for, @mike.maxwell, @ianmurrell said it much better than I did. :slight_smile: