Generic Zigbee Outlet devices not reporting in, since firmware updates

Since the 21st March, I have updated my Hubitat firmware to versions,, and today

Ever since then I get all my Generic Zigbee Outlet devices not reporting in, over 24 hour periods. I have Rooms Manager setup to monitor my devices, and it's now daily reporting these devices as not having connected in the last 24 hours.

I never had this happening before the firmware updates. Oddly I can still switch the outlets on and off via Hubitat, and as soon as I do that the last activity date time updates.

Has something changed with regards to the Generic Zigbee Outlet code?

That sounds like normal operation. If you aren't switching them on, why would they report? What would they report? They are working . . .

I only have two Zigbee plug-in power outlets. Both are working. I just looked and neither one has "reported" in over 10 hours. I have more Z-Wave outlets and they behave the same way.

Because Zigbee devices regularly check in with the hub. This problem has never happened before the firmware updates. Especially odd since they are power outlets which are repeaters, and so will be repeating messages for many of my other devices.

All of my plugs are repeaters. That is the only reason some of them are in my system. I have never seen one report anything about repeating activity - either Zigbee or Z-Wave. Not under earlier releases and not under the latest release.

The ones that monitor power will report like crazy when they are turned on.

My understanding is that anytime the device communicates with the hub, the Last Activity DateTime field will be updated. So I would expect it to update the field when the device checks in or repeats messages.

You can see if they are checking in by looking for their messages the zigbee logs. Also try a refresh and see if they update their status in the regular log.

I usually go into Zigbee setting and open the log and check there. Some device won't send event for check in but will send signal strength etc in the Zigbee log page.

I see this on some of zwave devices as well as zigbee devices especially in rooms that dont get used much so no activity.
I created a refresh rule that send a refresh command every 12 hours to a lot of my devices.
Helps keep my watchdog activity logs clean of still connected devices and find any devices that have fallen off