Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor F Temp 2 Decimal places

Where is GV in Rule Machine?

Global Variables? They are in the Rule Machine app. There's a lengthy post on how to set up and use the connectors. You can find it via the search function.

I looked at the post and still didn't see int in the Rule Machine app, must be buried in there somewhere.

Not really.


It's right there. Create/Set global variables.

Right again....I was looking to deep, thats what you get for being a NOOBY.

still trying to figure this out, this is what I have an GV

Is the next step setting a up a rule....that is where I think I am messed up now.

Not sure how to associate the GV to the sensor temp so it changes the decimal places in the Dashboard.

I would read through the following two threads. The first in on Global variables and the second is on the connectors. This should be all you need to get it to work.

Thank you but I have read through them 2 or 3 time already, this stuff i not easy for a wink convert.

Still trying to set this up for temp rounding, what selection (number) do I use for this. I wants a number, hard to understand.'s what you have to do....create a number variable in the screen you are in, you have to give it an initial value. Enter any number, it doesn't matter.


Now, hit done then go in and make a new rule. It's going to be triggered off the temperature of your sensor changing. I'm not going to show you how to do that. If you don't know how to do that already, you shouldn't be attempting any of this.

In the actions of your rule, the first action will be to set the variable equal to the sensor value. Select the action group "Set Mode or Variable...." then the action Set Variable. Select the variable you created earlier, select sensor value and then temp then the sensor you want.

Hit the next action will also be set variable, but instead of sensor value, you're going to select variable math. Select your variable as the first value, then select the operator of Round. Hit done.

That's it. Now, whenever your temp sensor changes, this variable will update. Now you can go in and create a Global Variable connector to display that value on a dashboard. There are about 4 dozen tutorials walking you through how to do that on the forum. And if you can't do it, it's someone else's turn to walk you through it.

Thank you @Ryan780 I appreciate your patience, I created the GV like you stated, I think, here is what it looks like....

Then I created the rule with my temp sensor, please take a look and let me know if this is correct, also it look like you can only select one temp sensor at a time for each rule, is that correct?, does that mean you have create a rule for each temp sensor or does it apply the rule Globally to all sensors when your done. can test it by going back into your rule and clicking Run Actions.

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Cool, Thanks again @Ryan780 had a little problem with my temp sensor (wouldnt' update) but now the GV is rounding the temp (Value).

Now to get it into the Dashboard in place of the existing living room temp motion sensor temp....

In the tile I only see a selection for Rule Machine Connectors and nothing else in the Pick a Template area to select the Temperature. What I'm I missing, do I need to make another rule,

This is what I see in devices, but I don't see the Temp Whole no rounding option anywhere in a tile.

Did you add the GV connector? Did you add the GV connector to your dashboard?

Got it.....didn't have it turned on in the Dashboard.

Now just have to change the name and recreate it a few more times for the others.
Thank you @Ryan780!!

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I don't think temperature sensors of that price range have that precision. 1% of a degree ?

It's like humidity sensors. Usual non-commercial humidity sensors have a precision range of 1-5%, so any number after he comma has no signification at all.
And I don't even talk about the sensor location. A living room is far from having an homogeneous temperature.
A way to display on a tile a value with a variable precision could be a nice feature.

precision is one thing, accuracy is another.

Point being this probably should be dealt with at the presentation (dashboard) layer, vs rounding it at the driver.

Agreed. Keep the driver as is, flexible dashboard

The odd thing about this driver that I observed was that early one when I first paired the 3326.L the temperature was displayed with one decimal place, after I clicked on adjust the temp in the drive it switched to 2 decimal places.

Sorry to necropost, but this seems the most relevant place to discuss.

Has there been any discussion about improving the dashboard tile settings to do exactly what Mike proposes here? I have a few devices reporting power usage in watts -- some to whole numbers only, others to three decimals. It would be nice to control consistency in the display.

(While I'm at it, being able to specify a custom unit would be nice, too... I've hacked the "W" into the display via CSS for now, though)

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