Generic Zigbee Bulb or Generic Zigbee Dimmer Type

I bought a Enbrighten 43080 Zigbee Paddle Dimmer to get aquainted with Zigbee.
HE found paired the device and assigned it as a Generic Zigbee Bulb. I changed the type to a Generic Zigbee Dimmer. Although the device worked partially its didn't show its state on the dashboard
and you could slide it on and turn it off but not click it on only sliding the dimmer value.
Why did it assign the type as Generic Zigbee Bulb?

Did you apply the correct template?

works on mine.. try the correct device handler

see below

Its my first Zigbee. When it paired so easily I just changed the Type and renamed it. I guess I just figured it was cut a and dried unlike the Tasmota devices.
Didn't know there were different templates.

OK I found it. I'll see what happens with the other Type.

Nope the only way it works is with the Generic Zigbee Bulb.