Generic Z-Wave Thermostat

Anyone have a generic z-wave thermostat driver? I want to test with my stelpro ki thermostat's and add as needed for their features.

Ok... it's late and I'm being stupid. I should have looked at the SmartThings github.... duh... :blush:

[UPDATE] - Still no go with Generic driver. hmmm.

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I have an Z-wave thermostat and I can’t seem to get the “zwave.thermostatSetpointV1.thermostatSetpointSet” command to work. This command works on SmartThings, but for some reason it does not on Hubitat.

zwave.thermostatSetpointV1.thermostatSetpointSet(setpointType: 1, scale: deviceScale, precision: p, scaledValue: convertedDegrees),

I think this may be hub issue after doing some troubleshooting.

Edit: @patrick, are you guys aware of anything that may be causing problems with this command?

currently this command requires the size parameter, this has been fixed already, but didn’t make it into

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Awesome, thanks. I was still having some issues, but noticed in the Z-Wave reference that scaledValue was expected to ba a Big Decimal data type. So the two changes I had to make:

zwave.thermostatSetpointV1.thermostatSetpointSet(setpointType: 2, scale: deviceScale, precision: p, scaledValue: convertedDegrees .toBigDecimal(), size: deviceSize),

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