Generic Z-wave shade shows up as a switch in Google Home


I have some Bali-type Z-wave shades and they are configured using the generic Z-wave shade driver. They work fine when operated from Hubitat, but when the device is handed to Google home, it is apparently seen as a switch. I've looked in Google Home settings and though it does let you change the type of device, a shade is not one of those selections.

The issue is that you have to awkwardly tell google to "turn on/off" the shades rather than using "open/close" commands.

Has anyone seen/resolved this issue? Thanks.

Use the Google home community app and you can configure it to be anything you want. Very flexible options super powerful app.

Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks!

How do I get to the google home community app?

Iā€™d check Hubitat Package Manager...

Did you have any luck? How did you do it...

I didn't bother with it honestly. Far too complicated for what I was trying to do. The stock GH works fine for me, except the issue with the Shades which I can live with for now.

Download the Hubitat app