Generic Z-Wave Lock Driver maxCodes

So I noticed the maxCodes value for my lock is 5. Is this a limitation of the driver? Or is it a setting on my lock? I'm finding that yale locks should support up to 250 codes.

I'm using the Yale YDM723-Z7 Smart Module


Isn’t that a zwave module? Which lock are you using that module in?

Edited the post. This is a Yale YDM723-Z7 Smart Module.

Yes this is Z-Wave, we're using the generic lock driver.

Should the driver cap maxCodes to 5?

The number of codes is determined by the lock, not the z-wave module. What lock are you using the module with?

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Sorry, I don't think I understand your question.

This is the door lock:

Okay, I think I got it, so it's not the hubitat driver but the lock giving us that cap of 5 codes.

What is the model of the actual lock? I have an Assure2 with Z-wave module and it reports that it supports 250 codes (12 currently used with no issue)

err, they may be one in the same? This is the device I'm talking about, it's a door lock.

Sorry I can't be of more help. I know it as a lock with z-wave capabilities.