Generic Outlet used for Siren

I have a siren driven off of a generic outlet. I can put it in the "Lights Alert" section, but then I can't have the lights flash, as the siren turns on and off. Is there a way to configure the outlet as a Siren, and have it show up in the "Siren Alerts"? or some other way around this?

Hello, and welcome to Hubitat. Why not simply put the outlet in the regular light alerts instead of the flashing ones? Then it will just turn on when there's an alert instead of on and off.

Will it act the same, and will it turn off when you disarm the system?

Will it go on and off? No, it will just turn on then. And it will turn off the outlet when the system is disarmed if it was off when the alert occurred.

Thanks! I will give it a try today

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