Generic Outlet reporting incorrect power

I've got a Swann Smart plug (it reports it's a Netvox) that supports power monitoring, but the Generic outlet is reporting rubbish, despite what appears to be sensible data in the debug log - any suggestions?
So I'm getting 0-3W reported rather than the 30 or so Watts I'd expect:

e.g. "Swann Smart Plug #1 power is 3W"

[raw:44BC010B0426050521FB00080521 05010B0529200010052830, dni:44BC, endpoint:01, cluster:0B04, size:26, attrId:0505, encoding:21, command:0A, value:00FB, clusterInt:2820, attrInt:1285, additionalAttrs:[[value:0105, encoding:21, attrId:0508, consumedBytes:5, attrInt:1288], [value:0020, encoding:29, attrId:050B, consumedBytes:5, attrInt:1291], [value:30, encoding:28, attrId:0510, consumedBytes:4, attrInt:1296]]]

0505>> Attribute 0505 RMS voltage:FB00>> 00FB = 251V (unsigned 16 bit integer)
0805>>Attribute 0508 RMS current: 0501>> 0105 = 261A??? (unsigned 16 bit integer)
0B05>>Attribute 050B ActivePower: 2000>> 0020 = 32 (Watts??) signed 16-bit integer
1005>>attribute 0510 Power Factor: 30 = 48 decimal

So the debug logs are showing 32W, but the standard log messages is showing 3W

Wassup with that?

Tagging @mike.maxwell

Please provide the fingerprint for this device, thanks.

fingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0003,0004,0005,0006,0015,0702,0B04,0B05", model:"Z809AE3R", manufacturer:"netvox"

this will be fixed in the next platform release


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