Generic Contact Sensor Code

Anyone know here I can locate the Zigbee Generic Contact code that habitat uses. I wanted to see if I can adapt that to my needs so I can use it as a point of reference

Hubitat drivers are not open source.

There are a large variety of community based drivers, as well as the Hubitat Github sample drivers that you can use.

Maybe if you give your device brand and model, someone already has a driver you could use or modify.


Thanks, I was actually able to play with GPTChat and just got the driver created I needed. Thanks for the info for future referance.

If you don't have it loaded yet you should install Hubitat Package Manager. You can use that to peruse and download open source code for a wide variety of devices from the many community developers we have.

Out walking the dog so I can't post a link but just search the forum for Hubitat Package Manager, the release by Csteele.

I have that already installed and use it often. But gptchat has helped. Thanks

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