Generating event notifications based on descriptionText

I've been reviewing the posts below and apps by @rvrolyk and @chipworkz related to activating events based on logging. What I'm trying to do is similar, I'm trying to generate notifications based on when locks are unlocked and how.

I started with Rule Machine, however what you can report from the device is limited. I can pull state and lastCodeName. It doesn't appear that I can pull more detailed info even though it's being provided in the event. I am able to set a global variable LastName based on lastCodeName and report that event.

lastCodeName only gets updated when a key code is entered which changes lastCodeName, otherwise any event just reports the same name.

Additionally, I have 3 locks and a garage keypad. Ideally I'd like to create a single rule which monitors all four, then just reports the device and description.Text based on an event trigger for any of the devices. My approach would be to set global variables: device (the device name) and last event (descriptionText), then report those through a separate RM app to my cell phone.

I believe there is probably a relatively simple way to do this, just a bit outside my coding ability. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried using the simple notifications (built in) app? That's what I use for notifications and set it up like this:

With notifications using %text% in the body which gives me the event text and for me looks something like: Front Door Lock was unlocked by Russ [physical]

Thanks!! That is exactly what I was looking for, didn't think to go back and look at other built-in apps. I actually set 4 RM apps, one for each lock, and added a virtual switch / conditional statement to turn notifications on/off from the dashboard.

The garage door lock took a little more work as the keypad triggers a z-wave garage door opener and I had to link the garage door status to a RM global variable, that was simple through a separate app. I just had to insert a delay to account for the opener delay.

I'm changing the lock notifications over and will just link the restrictions to my virtual switch which controls the notifications.

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