General zwave routing question

I am about to go back to nh and covert my other house from st to hubitat.. I have found the hard way that any wired zwave (non plus) devices in your mesh can cause issues with devices trying to use them as repeaters and slowing down your net and reducing range.

I plan to replace all switches in nh to zwave plus or zigbee.

But i have some zwave non plus dry relays .. one a mimo for my fence opener that runs on a 12v battery and one linear fs20z-1 for a garage door opener..

Is the anyway to stop devices routing through these or do i have to bite the bullet and replace them.

the mimo2+ is pricy but it is outdoor and some dry relays like the zooz are not temp rated.


I believe you will be fine. I have upgraded all Zwave devices that I can to Plus with the exception to a door lock, Watercop valve, and a dry contact relay and I haven’t had any issues leaving those on the network non-plus. IMO upgrade what you can and see how it goes and if issues upgrade them later. Maybe exclude them and readd them after you rebuild you mesh on Plus.

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OK, I know i have one non plus plug in light switch here in hancock and stuff is occasionaly routing through it.. also one garage door opener..

I am seeing the same thing. There are a few none plus devices routing for plus devices. My HEM plus version is routing via the garage door opener which is bad I think because the HEM sends data very frequent. Would be nice to have a way to force it to not use the router because they are both the same distance from the hub. Not sure why it's using the router.

Is it because I paired the HEM in place near the garage door opener? Maybe repair the HEM next to the hub?

I know when I had one of the Aeotec HEM that could either be used on mains power or battery I paired the device on battery so that it would not act as a repeater. Then after it was paired I plugged it in.

i wish i could do that with all of them.. In hindsight it would have been nice if the zwave specs allowed you to selectively enable or disable the repeating.. I too have aeotec power monitoring stuff but luckily in both house they are on the fuse boxes in the basement and at least in the house i hust ocnverted there are zwave plus switches repeaters and the water valve and stuff is routing through all of them not the aeotec which is the only non zwave plus plug in device left in the basement.

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